RIAI Announces Winners of the 2014 Irish Architecture Awards

    The RIAI announced last night their results for this year's Architecture Awards. We take a look at our picks of the winners and our favourites in the residential homes categories.


    Public Choice Awards

    The RIAI announced last night their results for this year’s awards. Unfortunately our feature on the residential choices in the Public Choice Award didn’t sway the vote and the award went to strangely enough to the Clonakilty Urban Redesign, carried out by Cork City Council’s own architectural department. Good to see a bit of government lead design have such a positive impact to bring out the public vote. Des McMahon, Chairperson of the Judging Panel, said,

    “It is gratifying to see the quality of the buildings produced every year continues to increase, so does public interest in good design, as we can see from the strong response to the Public Choice Award.”

    Clonakilty 400, Urban Design Masterplan. Source: RIAI

    However, many of the other nominees did win awards in other categories awarded by the RIAI themselves:

    1. Best Conservation / Restoration

    Russborough House Refurbishment

    This had to go to the restoration of Russborough House that we featured here. Howley Hayes Architects have done a fantastic job restoring the historic country home from fire damage and redesigning the use of the house for future generations.

    Russborough House Restoration. Source: RIAI

    2. Best Culture

    Airfield Evolution, Dundrum

    We included this because it is such an excellent design and facility that all locals should make a trip to, despite not being a residential scheme. Airfield Dundrum was revamped by Solearth Architecturesee more about it here.

    Airfield Evolution, Dundrum. Source: RIAI

    3. Best House

    The Cow House, Blessington

    Sadly this one was missed in the Public Choice Awards and therefore we didn’t cover it. This stunning renovation of a 19th century Steward’s House brings it together with the adjacent cottage, creating two new courtyards. You can see more of this project over at Michael Kelly Architects.

    The Cow House, Blessington. Source: RIAI

    4. Best House Extension

    Farmhouse Extension, Co. Clare

    We just loved this conversion of an old corrugated iron barn into this stunning new living space attached to a lovely farmhouse. You can see more on this project here or on Studio Red’s website.

    Farmhouse Extension, Studio Red. Source: RIAI

    5. RIAI Universal Design Award

    Adaption and Extension, Dublin

    We’re not sure what they mean by “Universal Design” here but we liked Justin O’Callaghan Architect’s design for a extension and redevelopment of this Dublin single-storey house.

    Extension and Adaption, Dublin – Justin O’Callaghan Architects. Source: RIAI

    You can find the full results of all awards over at the RIAI website.