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Welcome to Irish Home

IrishHome.ie is Ireland’s online homes and property magazine. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest news, stories and expert guides on Ireland’s homes, property, interiors, gardens, living and more.

The Magazine is brought to you by experts from around the industry. We are bringing together property professionals, architects, interior designers, estate agents, landscapers, brokers solicitors and more – to lend their knowledge and expertise about Irish property.

In 2020 we published our first real print magazine - in partnership with our property partners Churches Estate Agents.

In 2021 we are launching our next exciting new venture with some of Ireland's most influencing property people - see below!

" Now five of Ireland's most influential property people have come together to make something special for Irish Home Buyers..."

Ben Thompson


Ben is an expert Estate Agent and founder of Irish Home Magazine, an online guide to the Irish property market, featuring homes, properties, interiors and gardens. He is sale agent for Churches Estate Agents.

Ciaran Mulqueen


Ciaran is Ireland's most famous First Time Buyer. After struggling to find a suitable first home to buy, he set up @CrazyHousePrices instagram account, charting the most ridiculous parts of the Irish real estate market.

Shay Lally


Shay is a qualified Quantity Surveyor, expert in the costs and processes of construction, refurbishment and repair. Shay launched his "Houses to Restore" Instagram in 2020, charting and analysing some of the best homes available to buy and renovate in Ireland.

Chrissy Hughes


Chrissy started her First Time Buyers Ireland Facebook Group in 2017 when she was looking to buy her first home, to create a safe space for other buyers to find information and support. The group now boasts over 11,000 members.

Eoin O'Connor


Eoin is a Qualified financial advisor & is helping clients on their mortgage journey for over 10 years. He is based in Lucan in Finance solutions & works with you to find the mortgage that meets your needs & guides you through the process from start to finish.

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