Sunday 14 August 2022
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Ireland’s Million Euro Homes

Did you want Channel 4’s documentary last night about the UK’s Million Pound Properties? It highlighted the vast difference £1 million will buy you in across the UK, from prime central London to the wild estates of Scotland. So today we look at the same experiment - what will €1 million buy you across Ireland?

Today’s News: Aftermath Of The Central Bank Decision

Today's news continues to follow Wednesday's Central Bank decision on mortgage rules. The papers consider what you can buy for under €220,000 around the country, what the impact will be on home builders, home buyers and home owners. Also Ronan Keating's house!

RIAI Announces Winners of the 2014 Irish Architecture Awards

The RIAI announced last night their results for this year's Architecture Awards. We take a look at our picks of the winners and our favourites in the residential homes categories.

Increase in Property Transactions Spreads Across Country

The Irish Times announced the Property Price Register figures from last week that concluded the growth in property transactions are increasing nationwide. Readers should be careful to note that this is an increase in the number of sales, not prices themselves. It is however still encouraging.