5 Steps to Save €1,000 Off Your Bills



Don’t panic! The cost of living is putting pressure on almost every household in Ireland. But there are ways to mitigate the effects on your family. Just this year so far I’ve saved nearly €1000 in current or future bills, just by some legwork and being proactive with my bills. Here’s 5 ways to save:

1) Switch Energy Supplier

Cost of energy is through the roof. If you haven’t switched recently it’s worth checking the competition at least every 2nd year. You can get much better rates elsewhere.

2) Don’t want to Switch?

See if you can get a better rate with your current supplier. “Fair play to @energiaireland , They called me up in December when I was expecting a massive winter bill. They told me I just dropped out of my two year introductory contract and if I renewed would get 30% off my rate, applied retrospectively to my current bill!” Amazing!

3) Switch to a Payment Plan

“Energia also switched me to a fixed monthly rate, spreading my payments over the year. So the expected €400 bill become only €175, much needed saving right now.”

4) Don’t Auto-Renew Insurance

“ The @theaaie sent me a steep car instance renewal. If I’d let it auto-renew it would have cost me. But one quick phone call I saved €100” Also check a switcher website to see if they are competitive.

5) Do your Tax Return.

You could get a hefty rebate if your EWSS is over calculated or you deduct WFH expenses.

5) Switch Mortgages

I checked my rate with my bank 2 years ago and got a better one. You can benefit from revaluing your house, changing rate or changing bank. You could even realise some cash now and reduce your payments I’ve the long term.

Finally, follow some experts who are better than me at this.

Go save some of your money!