Inside the showhouse everyone is talking about!


thinkcontemporary millers glen showhouseThe media has been abuzz all this week with Gannon Homes’ new Millers Glen scheme in Swords (see the scheme on The sales office opened on Saturday with successful young homebuyers having queued for up to 5 days to be the first to pay their deposit for a brand new home.

Now, we give you the chance to see inside these most talked about show homes, thanks to the interior designers who furnished them.

Gannon Homes make a bold choice

Gannon Homes’ launch of Millers Glen has been pretty exceptional from a number of angles.

  • It’s the first major new homes launch in 2014 and the start of the new property cycle;
  • The first return of queuing homebuyers desperate to be the first to purchase a new home;
  • Huge press coverage that has highlighted the severe shortage of new homes;
  • The build quality and finish looks excellent. A-rated BERs, solar hot water as standard, they have really spent the money to make these homes spacious and up-to-date (see the full specifications  on

But what we love about Gannon’s new homes is the bold and contemporary choice they made with the interior design. Often an afterthought or an over-the-top fancy-fest that no one would actually live in – Gannons have realised these homes are going to be bought by the younger generation who have a completely different design palette from buyers 10 years ago.

Gannons have made a bold choice going with a jazzy modern design team, and it’s glorious!

Think Contemporary Interior Designs

Millers Glen Swords
Living rooms by ThinkContemporary. Hexagons-galore, some funky medicine cabinets (by Ikea), and we love those electric-blue curtains! Image:
thinkcontemporary millers glen showhouse 2
Vivid greens and shocking red-oranges… You will have to sport a trillby to hang on that tree! Image:
Millers Glen Swords
Sofas look comfy but not expensive, putting this standard of decor well within reach of young first time buyers. Image:
Millers Glen Swords
Grey is very in right now with kitchens. All this is functional and deceptively large amount of storage. Image:
Millers Glen Swords
Of course, some flashes of colour thrown in there. Really puts some energy into these rooms. Image:
Millers Glen Swords
Spacious rooms, this is one of the three beds. Plenty of kitchen space for the young family to sit down together. Image:
Millers Glen Swords
It’s all griege in the bedroom (Griege: A combination of beige and gray – very on trend). Ikea side tables, they have really made the most of great everyday items. Image:
Plenty of built-in storage Image:
Plenty of built-in storage throughout, Gannon Homes have been very thoughtful about space. Image:


thinkcontemporary millers glen showhouse 11
Nice bathrooms and fun ideas for the kids rooms. You know the kids in this house are going to be cool. Converse and skateboards, the 90s are now retro! Image:

Think Contemporary are a hip interior design team based in Dublin 8. They have done themselves proud with these show homes, really setting the standard for this next generation of new home fit out.

Not boring and samey, nor prohibitively expensive – they have paired neutral base colours and materials with injections of super-bold colour and used furniture from affordable, design-focussed sources.

We’d say this genius comes from having designed many Dublin startup office spaces (see their commercial portfolio) but this is definitely something we need to see more of in the residential sector.

To find out more about Think Contemporary, go to their website at www.thinkcontemporary.iethinkcontemporary logo