Property Addicts


The brilliant Emoov in the UK has published this great infographic about Property **** Addicts (no P-word please, we’re Irish). Here is our take on their profiles:

Which type of Property **** Addict are you?

Property Addict. Image Credit: Emoov UK

The Delusional Dreamer

Do you frequently skim the property portals for stupidly expensive properties that only a bank baron can afford? You are a Delusional Dreamer. Properties are only of interest if they are (a) the most expensive in the country (you always set the filer to ‘Highest First’); (b) have a pool, tennis court, room for a helipad…

Frequently Seen Around (virtually at least): Shrewsbury and Ailesbury Roads, country piles in Co. Cork, cliff top mansions in Dalkey.

The Aspirational Architect

They look at properties they could actually afford… in a few years maybe. They’d need a ton of work before they could move in, “…but look at the architectural features!”. Clean, tidy, minimalists. Looking for a potential Grand Design.

…but look at the architectural features!

Frequently Seen Around: Red brick wrecks and Ideal Home Show at the RDS (in a black turtle neck).

The Nosey Neighbour

Poke their noses in every open home in their area. Not because they are looking to buy but because they want to see what the neighbours bedrooms look like. Endless discusses their home and why it’s better than the neighbours – “We’re not overlooked; The sun hits the garden exactly at 12:02pm; Have you seen the size of their downstairs loo, I think I’d get claustrophobic!”

Have you seen the size of their downstairs loo, I think i’d get claustrophobic!

Frequently Seen Around: Every open home ever…

The Price Prophet

Emoov calls these people realistic, conscientious if not a little obsessive. In Ireland, they used to be the “House prices always increase” crowd but these days these are the “WE ARE IN ANOTHER BUBBLE..” end-is-nigh crowd.


Frequently Seen Around: Queuing to rent an apartment because who would buy now…

The Enthusiastic Explorer

Location explorers who love seeing what they can afford elsewhere in the country. Two-bed shoebox in South Dublin City? “Jesus, Mary we could get a 5 bed on 20 acres in Mayo!”

Jesus, Mary we could get a 5 bed on 20 acres in Mayo!

Frequently Seen Around: Dublin commuter belt… because the job won’t move with them.

What type of property addict are you?