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Irish Home Property Advertising

Are you thinking about selling your property in 2015?

If you have any plans to sell your property in the coming months – stop right now and read this!

Have you thought about how your property is marketed?

If you are deciding between estate agents to sell your home, unless you have a long term relationship with one that you know, like and trust (which fairly few home owners do) you are probably only going to start looking for an agency when it comes time to sell. When you do start talking to agencies you will find they offer largely the same marketing opportunities, and they usually fall into one of two camps:

1. Big, Expensive Marketing

The biggest, ‘premium’ agencies in the Irish market will charge you between €500 to maybe €2,000 in marketing expenses to sell your home. This is generally up front and includes “For Sale” signboard, advertising on and/or, some printed brochures, professional photography and advertising in the national press.

2. Bare Minimum, Online Ads

Your second option is the bare minimum agencies who will advertise your property on and/or and their own website – and that’s it. No printed brochures or newspaper advertising, and perhaps a second-hand signboard. While there is something to be said for the free marketing option – if you don’t have the money upfront – and 90% of buyers find their next home online anyway.

Either option was fine, depending on the type and value of the house you are selling. For a larger, expensive property you will benefit from more than a simple online advert and signboard, but are you getting value for money?

Are you getting value for money?

Who will spot their next home here amongst 39 others?
Who will spot their next home here amongst 39 others?

The circulation of the national newspapers has been consistently dropping every year. As per the latest stats for 2014, reported here by, The Irish Times circulation has fallen to just 76,000 a day (down 6.3%) and The Sunday Times to 81,000 in December. Yet The Irish Times is still the advertising medium of choice for all the traditional agencies.

Is it really worth you paying your agency €500 to €1,00 to advertise your property – along with many others and the agent themselves?

In a publication which is reaching less people, and many of whom are not even in Dublin nor care to purchase property there?

Now There Is A Third Way

Magazine - Property PageChurches Estate Agents together with and the new Irish Home Magazine are pioneering a new way in property marketing.

We are launching Ireland’s first FREE glossy property magazine. This high-quality, feature-rich magazine will be freely available in hundreds of public spaces across Dublin in early April. With 20,000 copies printed, it will rival any property magazine and any national newspaper in the city.

Not only will the magazine have more reach than any other publication, outside of the online property portals, but it will be more targeted – local Dublin people and those interested in property – than a national newspaper.

We have 12 spaces for property adverts for the homeowners who list their property with Churches before the 10th April.

What you get is a high-quality full-page advert for your sale. This dedicated space gives you a far greater platform than being us one ad amongst 39 others in a normal newspaper ad.

In addition to the printed magazine, your property will also be featured on This editorial-style content is a different way of presenting your sale, not just the usual online listing. Of course your property will also be listed on, and – but with an extra online feature you will reach more potential buyers than ever before.


And The Best Part Of All? It’s Completely Free!

Crucially, Churches and Irish Home are not charging any homeowners for this incredible marketing opportunity. When you sell with Churches you are charged zero marketing expenses of any kind. In fact if Churches charge you nothing until your property is successfully sold. If you decide not to sell or don’t achieve the result you desired, you’ve cost yourself nothing.

Here’s everything you get FOR FREE when you market your property with Churches:

  • FREE Printed Brochures
  • FREE ‘For Sale’ Signboard
  • FREE Online Advertising
  • FREE Editorial
  • FREE Irish Home Magazine Advertising

You will also be working with some of Ireland’s best sales negotiators who will provide you with personal 1-on-1 service and are able to handle every aspect of your property.

Your first step is to contact them for a chat and a free valuation. You can email, call them direct on 01 559 5000 or click the link below to find out more and arrange your valuation.