Yesterday was a big day for closing sales. All those deals agreed just before Christmas we’re just finalising 2 months of legals and finally completing. That got us thinking about our top tips for the final day in your old home and what you need to do before you hand over the keys to the new owners.

1. 1) Clear Out Everything.

Take all your belongings and rubbish. Remove any furniture you promised to take. Don’t forget to clear the attic and shed. No one wants your old Christmas decorations.

2. 2. Leave Agreed Stuff

However, if you agreed to leave fixtures and fittings, white goods etc, make sure you leave what was promised. If you’re removing fancy light fittings, make sure you leave a replacement pendant so they’re not in the dark.

3. 3. Leave It Clean.

You don’t need to get in pro cleaners, just leave it acceptably clean. Order any skips or bags removed, and your waste provider to do a final pickup.

4. 4. Take Meter Readings.

Close or transfer your accounts. Provide MPRN/GPRN numbers from your bill and take a final meter reading of all utilities to be passed on to the new owners. Call your providers to close your accounts with the final reading.

5. 5. Leave All Keys

Including any for windows, back doors or sheds etc. You can leave these all in the house, preferable well labelled(!) and just leave front door keys with the agent or solicitor to be passed to the new owners.

6. 6. Leave Alarm Codes & Instructions.

Leave alarm codes, even if you have disconnected your monitoring service. Leave any helpful documentation or instruction manuals too, for white goods as well as boilers and alarms.

7. 7. Redirect Your Post.

Contact your service providers and regular correspondence to change your address. Or you can set up a redirect with An Post. Leave a forwarding address with the new owners (or your agent if you prefer).

8. 8. Leave A Card.

It’s nice to leave a card for your new owners and any helpful instructions. Good luck with your move!