RIAI Public Choice Award – Liston Architecture

Every day this week we are highlighting the best residential nominees for this year's Irish Architect Awards in the RIAI People's Choice Awards. Today is the welcome turn of a pair of stunning minimalist West Coast examples designed by Liston Architects, Limerick.


Two Examples of Minimalist Architecture in Co. Limerick

Liston Architecture

Liston Architecture are today’s nominee for the Architecture Awards. Unusually however they are nominated not for just one design but as an agency and using two similar but dramatically iconic developments to be judged by.

The Beach House

The Beach House is a modernist home of exceptional design in an exceptional location. The owners have found a remarkable site to build their dream beach house, inches from the beach with stunning views and modern classic design.

Sheer white walls, simple timber and local drystone wall materials reflect the stunning backdrop… Source: architectureawards.ie
Squeezed into the beachfront, the name could not be more apt. Source: architectureawards.ie
Looking directly over the wide beach and bay, with historic monument in full view on the opposing cliffs. Source: Facebook
Remarkable use of materials. We love the treated wooden shutters that slide closed to protect the house from the waves. Source: Facebook

House in West Limerick

The second house is located in stark contrast to The Beach House, a monolith against a backdrop of rolling fields and thick pine forest.

House in West Limerick
Similar white facade, slate roof and stone walls in a sea of green grass… Source: architectureawards.ie
And huge skies. A iconic modernist design that looks fantastic in wide open spaces. Source: architectureawards.ie
Interiors to match: White render, concrete floor and worktops, architectural lighting. Source: architectureawards.ie
Poured concrete worktops combined with deep wood units. Source: architectureawards.ie

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