Introducing Sarah Reynolds [Organised Chaos]

We're delighted to introduce another new contributor this week. Sarah Reynolds is Ireland's leading home organisation expert. Yes that is a thing, at come to think of it, it sounds like an amazing thing... Sign us up! Sarah will be writing for about tips and tricks to cleaning and organising your home. Read all her articles here or visit


Come on admit it, is your home a bit of a mess? An organisational nightmare? Kids toys piling up, bills overflowing the inbox and kitchen presses a bottomless pit?

Who’s isn’t? Well we know one person…

Meet Sarah, Queen of the Cupboards

Sarah Reynolds is Ireland’s leading home organisational expert. From a young age she was always in love with organising. From her bedroom to the rest of the family home. She could only dream of a career in such a field…

She even had an idol to look up to. America’s most famous professional organiser, Julie Morgenstern (sounds like Mary Poppins’ more strict cousin…). Sarah was only 16 when she first saw Julie on the Oprah Winfrey Show, but the pressures of Leaving Cert and a more traditional career took her on a departure from her dream job.

Until now. After a very successful career with RTE, Sarah happened to meet her hero Julie while in New York, and decided it was her time to make her dream career come true.

She returned to Dublin after learning all she could from her new mentor, to found Ireland’s first professional organising company, Organised Chaos.

What is a Professional Organiser?

Sarah is on call to help homeowners create a clean, comfortable and stress-free home.

She can help you reclaim your space, ruthlessly decluttering and clearing unnecessary junk (while you consent of course..). Sometimes it just takes an external eye and hand to help you let go of those things that are cluttering up your home and your life.

She will make you proud of your home again. Never fearing the doorbell, that panic that your house is in a mess. Your home will once again be your favourite place to host your favourite people.

She can help you lose the stress, much of which might unconsciously be being caused by the clutter around you. Lose the junk and organise your things so you can relax in your home without relentless tidying.

Finally, she can recommend and even help install clever storage solutions for whatever you need them for. Whether it’s your childrens’ never-ending stuff, your home office, your kitchen clutter or clothes storage.

Watch this space for more from Sarah

Sarah will be writing for Irish Home Magazine about home and family organisation.

You can see all of Sarah’s articles here or check out Organised Chaos for Sarah’s award winning blog with organising articles, tips and inspiration!