New Hampshire Interiors on Monkstown Road - Photo: New Hampshire on Facebook
New Hampton Interiors – New to Monkstown Road (Photo: NewHampshire on Facebook)

Driving through the gorgeous Monkstown this week we glimpsed out of the corner of our eye a new arrival to the street.

Tucked into a former Indian restaurant under the banner of Dempsey Brothers next door, New Hampshire Interiors have opened a tiny but inspiration-filled new showroom in the affluent South Dublin suburb.

From Shutterco to New Hampshire Interiors

The newly titled New Hampshire Interiors grew from Shutterco, supplier and fitter of those plantation-style window shutters that we just drool over whenever we see them.

And they’ve been a huge success, particularly with the Georgian properties in this part of the city which lend themselves to these window dressings, replacing the old solid wooden shutters that block out too much light.


But when the family team behind Shutterco were getting so much demand to continue their style of New England interiors into other aspects of the home, they decided to transform the company into a specialist interior design destination.

Using their team of expert craftsmen they have extended their product line to include:

  • Interior shutters and blinds;
  • Exterior shutters and panels;
  • Wainscotting (or wood panelling;
  • Radiator cabinets;
  • Book cases;
  • Bespoke desks and more…

New Hampshire Interiors Products 3

New Hampshire Interiors Products 2New Hampshire Interiors Products 1

A Complete New Style For Your Home

New Hampshire Interiors Inside
Small but packed with inspiration and design ideas (Photo: NewHampshire on Facebook)

Now with their new brand and their Monkstown Road shop, the team are offering all the extras and furnishings to kit out your home in a complete New England style.

The have a fabulous selection of homewares from cushions and knick-knacks to glassware and vintage door knobs (yes really, and we kinda want some!).

New Hampshire Door Knobs

If you have something from social media or a magazine, bring it into the store and we would love to work with you [to recreate it]

We could browse their website and Facebook page for hours choosing the designs we’d want for our windows and the potential of panelling our living room. But as designer Sarah points out on their video above, with in-house craftsmen the sky is really the limit for what you want to create.

Meet The Family

Apart from opening up this fast-growing American style to Irish audiences, the unique thing about New Hampshire Interiors is it’s very much a family business.

Father Brendan Rice is the founder and entrepreneur who has built the business through the low years and is now seeing the reward for his labour.

His daughter Sarah, a former designer for clothing brand AWear handles the creative and stylistic side while her brother Barry is the design and craftsmanship expert.

Shutterco Team

Why not visit New Hampshire Interiors on Monkstown Road or visit them online at for more design inspiration.

We look forward to showing off some of their best work – watch this space!