IKEA Hacks of Instagram: Pets!

We love IKEA not just because of their great products, but also because it's affordable enough that you can hack together items or upcycle them into wonderfully creative items for your home. Each month we are looking at our favourite #IKEAhacks from around Instagram.


Instagram #IKEAhacks: Pets!

IKEA do a limited range of products for pets. But that doesn’t stop homeowners getting creative with IKEA products to pamper their pets in their homes. Here are some of the best #IKEAhacks examples we found this week on Instagram:


This family love their cats and cats love high places, so they installed a series of shelves up the kitchen wall and around the ceiling for their beloved pets to hang out. We love they included the hashtag #hiredacontractortoputthemupbecausewearenothandythatway.

These are just simple Lack wall shelves at €12 each.


When we first saw this we thought it was some kind of storage unit, until we saw the cat flap in the end…

Then we saw this next photo and realised it’s a custom kitty litter tray (or as the owner calls it #ThePoopDeck). Keeping smells and sights of your cat doing it’s business out of sight. It even has space for the spare litter.

Not what the Stuva children’s wardrobe was designed for!

Sleeping Arrangements

DUKTIG Doll’s Beds being used for cats. Enough said #cute

And shelving for dogs…

#IKEA bookshelf makes perfect #puppy storage #IKEAHacks #whippet #dogsofinstagram

A photo posted by Beth Upton (@beth.upton93x) on

A little help from my friends…

Elsewhere it just seems like pets like to help out with IKEA construction projects:

Will work for fooood! #cat #hammertime #purr #kitty #ikeaHacks A photo posted by @maidichemokidich on

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