The Irish Home Buyer’s Journal – Printed and is ready for delivery.

The finished Irish Home Buyer’s Journal – Reposted from @theprintedimageireland

The Irish Home Buyer’s Journal has been printed and is ready for delivery. Thanks for the patience of every one of you who ordered one. We took a little while finessing they design with feedback from you our audience and some of our early testers. We’ve included new pages and extra bits to improve the Journal so it’s even more useful to you all.

We can’t wait to get it into your hands. We’re expecting our first batch in on Wednesday this week and we promise they will all be in the post to you by the weekend. (Lots of stuffing and stamping to be done by the @irishhomemagazine family!)

We appreciate all the support from our followers and the help of our co-authors @crazyhouseprices @firsttimebuyersireland @the_mortgage.guy @houses_to_restore

If you want to order one yourself go to