Friday 12 July 2024
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Which property has the best views in Dublin?

An apartment overlooking Trinity Square is claiming the best views in Dublin. But we reckon there's a few other contenders out there. We take a look at properties for sale or to let with some of the best views in Dublin...

News Roundup: PTSB Troubles, Mortgage Challenge, New New Homes…

Today's News RoundUp: Permanent TSB saga from David Hall of the IMHO, challenging the government on bank repossessions and new luxury homes in Clongriffin.

News Roundup: Lead in the pipes, apartment sizes and property prices

Our round up of the most important and relevant news from homes & property this week. Lead in the pipes, apartment sizes and property prices

Warehouse Style Kitchen in a Dublin Home

We take a look at a contemporary kitchen in an Irish Home. Looking for 'Warehouse-style' living during a major refurbishment, the owners turned to Wicklow-based designers Rhatigan and Hick.

Ireland’s Million Euro Homes

Did you want Channel 4’s documentary last night about the UK’s Million Pound Properties? It highlighted the vast difference £1 million will buy you in across the UK, from prime central London to the wild estates of Scotland. So today we look at the same experiment - what will €1 million buy you across Ireland?

Introducing our partners – Churches Estate Agents

Irish Home Magazine are delighted to finally announce our new partners and contributors Churches Estate Agents who will be providing latest property market commentary and insight to IrishHome.ie

New Homes – Going high not wide

As the new build market creeps back to life, we are seeing new formats and designs enter the housing market. Gone are the apartment-led schemes and now the new fad is for townhouses. Tall and narrow, are they really an ideal living arrangement?

Today’s News: Aftermath Of The Central Bank Decision

Today's news continues to follow Wednesday's Central Bank decision on mortgage rules. The papers consider what you can buy for under €220,000 around the country, what the impact will be on home builders, home buyers and home owners. Also Ronan Keating's house!

Today’s News: All About That Bank, The Central Bank

Today's new headlines: New Central bank mortgage rules announced, how it will affect first time buyers, the SCSIs outlook for house price inflation in 2015

Renting In The City – Comedy Sketch

Comedy troop Foil Arms & Hog have released this fantastic parody of the life of a apartment-hunter in Dublin. It's all too true.