NYC’s Top Realtor Was In Ireland This Weekend

Any property and real estate fan who has a television has heard of Fredrik Eklund. The ostentatious New York realtor - and star of Million Dollar Listing NY - was in Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo for a wedding of his biggest client.


The High-Kicking Deal-Machine is Here!

Hands up who is a fan of Million Dollar Listing NY?

C’mon own up.

Even if it is your guilty pleasure, you can’t help getting sucked into the incredible properties they sell in Manhattan and you may even find yourself rooting for your favourite of the three lads(Ed. is firmly #TeamRyan while my wife is #TeamFredrik).

Well followers of Fredrik’s Instagram will have known that he was in Ireland over the weekend – and very impressed by some of Ireland’s best real estate.

IRELAND! The land of rolling green hills and huge castles, like this very one that I’ll be sleeping in tonight. ❤️

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Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo

He was staying in the stunning Ashford Castle in Co. Mayo with his husband Derek for the wedding of property developer Zach Vella. And they got to enjoy some of the cultural highlights the west of Ireland has to offer… such as Falconry.

Before getting dressed up for the ceremony and surely high-rolling after party.

Drinks in the bar of a 12th Century Castle – you don’t have that in New York!

And they recorded a little message of how much they were enjoying the night.

Fredrik also let out a little secret as to how he met and became friends with Zach in his toast to the groom:

My toast to Zach last night: – “It all began with a Miu Miu bag. I was a young real estate broker, just really getting started in NY. I knew I had to get into developments to really make it. I heard of this developer Zach. I just had to get to him, somehow. I knew a girl who knew him, and I took her to the Miu Miu store, bribed her with a fancy new bag in return for an introduction to Zach. I sold out our first building together in Tribeca at record prices in record time. But what was more important, perhaps… I started to realize, could he be, was he…. A true friend, I asked myself? Yes, it must have been during my birthday weekend all those years ago where you came along as a friend, and not a client. We took a long walk on the beach in Tulum, and you weren’t a client anymore, you were just my buddy Zach. Which over the next few years created some hilarious situations in our business. I mean, John and I are used to dealing with really demanding, sometimes incredibly difficult developers. It’s such a high-pressure environment, New York Real Estate. But with Zach, he was ALWAYS so chilled. In 2014, John and I sold $100M in Zach and Justin’s latest new construction condo project – in just 24 hours – and we called Zach, and he said – so typically him: “Cool. Nice. By the way, what are you doing for the Holidays'” ???? Zach trusts me. And you are a true friend. I can always rely on you. You let me do my thing…. Except, when it comes to Bravo, because somehow you always get more airtime than me 😉 ???? When Zach met Michelle, the Universe smiled. I have this theory about life, and love, that we are here on Earth for a short time to have exactly what the two of you have. Here in this room, with all these amazing people loving you. You two are the coolest and most beautiful it-couple, yet when Derek and I are with you it feels like time stops and we feel so safe. Michelle you know you are the sister I never had, always wanted. And we can’t wait to grow our family close to yours over the next few years. When we have Milla soon, I can only hope to be half the dad that you are. Raise your glass to Zach and Michelle, we will always, always love you.” ❤️

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Season 4 of Million Dollar Listing is now on in the States, but it won’t be on TV here until later in the year.

Ashford Castle is a stunning 800 year old estate on 350 acres. Well worth a visit even if you cannot afford to get married there.


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