NYC Realtor Ryan Serhant has a run in with an Irish airline

Last month Fredrik Ekland of Million Dollar Listing NY was in Ireland for a wedding. This week one of his co-stars Ryan Serhant had a less than impressive experience with Irish hospitality - at the hands of Ryanair


Fans of Million Dollar Listing NY will remember we reported last month that flamboyant New York realtor and one of the stars of the show, Fredrik Ekland, had a fantastic time in Ireland at the wedding of one of his biggest clients.

Now, one of his co-stars has had a different experience of Irish hospitality…

Ryan Serhant meets Ryan air

Fredrik’s Million Dollar lisiting co-star and rival Ryan Serhant was heading out to Greece – where his fiancé comes from – prior to their wedding this month. The man may handle millions in NYC property but he made the mistake of not booking a premium airline.

Where you would have expected first class, Serhant instead booked a cheap flight on Ireland’s budget carrier. Ryan, meet Ryan air. He posted his experience on his Instagram account – @Ryan_serhant

Charges for Check-in

Ryan fell foul of the airline’s tricky check in procedures. Although he had already checked in twice, because of a mistake (it doesn’t say on who’s part) he had to uncheck and recheck his bags, run through the airport and navigate a last-minute gate change.

When he finally got to check in a third time, the “No Fee for Check-in” time period had expired and he got charged to finally get on the flight AND to check 1 piece of luggage at the gate.

Oh Ryan. From our standpoint that’s wily selling from Ryanair. He’d never make it as an estate agent here!

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