The Home Buyer’s Journal – Who bought one and where!



We love some stats here at #IrishHome. And these are better reading than the house price inflation figures! 🥴

We were delighted to sell 2,500 #IrishHomeBuyersJournal in 2021. We hope that’s 2500 new homeowners in 2022 and beyond! If everyone who bought a journal in the same town, that would be the equivalent of the entire town of #Oranmore, #Blessington or #Kinsale! That would be a fun town!

At the 2021 average house price of €287,000 that would be the equivalent to €720 million in property! 🤩

Dublin was the most popular county for purchasers of the Journal (not to necessarily say that’s where they are planning to buy) with 2/3rds of Journalers. After that we’re Cork, Galway and Tipp.

We had over 50 international buyers too! The most popular countries were:
1. Australia 🇦🇺
2. UK 🇬🇧
3. USA 🇺🇸
4. Canada 🇨🇦
5. Netherlands 🇳🇱
6. Belgium 🇧🇪
7. Sweden 🇸🇪
8. France 🇫🇷
9. UAE 🇦🇪
10. China 🇨🇳

Most importantly, we raised €4,000 for the Peter McVerry Trust. That will provide huge Christmas packages of food and supplies for 16 families. Well done everyone!

Have a Merry Christmas. Here’s to 2022!