LIVE! with Noel Tate of


Great chat with Noel from Surveys are the next most important thing to get arranged after you go Sale Agreed on your property. Finding a surveyor I hard enough, finding a great surveyor is nearly impossible. is a great online booking tool that will find you excellent surveyors in your area and should be able to arrange your survey within 5 working days!

Noel has loads of experience seeing the inside of the surveying industry and going through the purchase of his own home. Make sure you follow and listen to Noel’s podcast where he has previously interviewed Ciaran @crazyhouseprices, Chrissy @firsttimebuyersireland, Eoin @the_mortgage.guy and Shay @houses_to_restore

*sniff sniff* 😢 note the missing name on that list! But it’s OK, Noel has invited me on next week! Hooray! 😅

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