House Hunting Must Haves!


If you’re heading house hunting in the next few weeks, you might want to know what to bring with you to be best prepared. Here’s our Top 5 List:

1) LASER MEASURER & MOISTURE SENSOR – a laser measurer is a great thing to have when viewing houses. It’s the quickest way to take your own measurements of a room in just a couple of seconds. Good for checking the agents measurements! Or also measuring odd corners of a room that might not be on the plans. A Moister Sensor is also an added bonus. Strike fear in any estate agent with one of these! Amazingly, @aldi_ireland have them for sale this Thursday for a bargain price. These can be €100s normally. Get one quick!
2) TAPE MEASURE – even if you do have a laser measurer, a conventional tape measure is still useful for measuring shorter or freestanding lengths, like space for a sofa, bed or wardrobe.
3) COMPASS – a compass or the compass app on your phone is most useful checking the aspect of the house and garden. Look for the East for morning sun, South for daytime and West for evening sun.
4) OUR FREE DOWNLOAD VIEWING LIST – we have a new free downloadable PDF with our expert Viewing Checklist. This have everything you need to check off when viewing a property. Print off a handful of these for yourself to take to each property and compare your favourite afterwards. Check out #LinkInBio to download your free copy.
5) THE JOURNAL – Finally, if that’s not enough for you, you need the ultimate resource. The Irish Home Buyers Journal has several of these Viewing Checklists, but also other worksheets and pages that work you through your house buying journey. Available now, check out the #LinkinBio or

Happy House Hunting!