Whackpack – An Irishman’s alternative to flatpack furniture

For years flatpack furniture has been the bane of people's existence the world over. Now one man, is trying to reverse that trend. Welcome to WhackPack!


The modern ubiquity of flatpack furniture brings joy to some but frustration and anger to others. IKEA set the trend that has taken over the world, but in one small corner of Ireland one man is fighting back.

One man… taking on the titans of furniture

Bennie Magennis is a furniture designer living in Co. Monaghan. Frustrated with the way flatpack furniture is all funny screws and perplexing instructions. He wanted to find a way to change the way furniture is self built by us at home.

Bodge [verb] – to make or repair (something) ingeniously; “the door was bodged together from old planks”

By combining some traditional Japanese joinery techniques with the old Irish method of ‘Bodging‘, Bennie has created the first in a beautifully simple range of self-assemble furniture made in Ireland.

Visit Whackpackfurniture.com to find out more.


The Whackpack ‘Creepie’ Stool

The inaugural product is this lovingly carved timber stool. The pack arrives in clever packaging – just the seat, three legs and a small wooden mallet. All you do is literally ‘whack’ it together!

The idea is you take pride in having been a part of the crafting of something beautiful, rather than feeling like you are on an assembly line:

“Handmade by us & Handcrafted by you”

And the satisfaction of whacking your legs into place cannot be compared to fiddling with allen keys and a million screws. It’s stunning in it’s simplicity… you have to agree.

whackpack creepie stool

Support Whackpack on Kickstarter

Bennie is raising support on Kickstarter to get this project off the ground. After the stool there are bigger plans for tables, lamps and many more items.

For just a few dollars you can support this campaign, although you need to contribute $30 before you are actually entitled to a stool. Hey why not order 2 or 3. These would be great for your kids’ rooms or even a nursery.

Please go to Bennie’s Kickstarter page here to find out more and support this plucky upstart in his mission to end the flatpack world domination.