Passion for Cherrywood: AuctionXchange

Do you have a passion for Cherrywood furniture?
You do? Fantastic!

Tuesday’s auction at AuctionXchange in Sandyford has a whole load of stunning dark cherrywood furniture to fill your 1970s style home…


Why not start with… Cherrywood Bedside Lockers – €30 AMV
Followed by… Cherrywood Side Lamp Table – AMV €15
With a matching…. Cherrywood Coffee Table – AMV €15
And to complete the set… Cherrywood Dining Table with 6 Chairs – AMV €100
And why not complete the room with… Cherrywood Wall Mirrors – AMV €20 Each x 24

We just hope someone out there has a grand idea for a house of retro furniture. But with 24 of those mirrors available, we’re not sure they will all shift in one go – unless somewhere very vain or very inspired comes along.

To check out these lots and more, go to AuctionXchange to find out more.

Auction Exchange