If you are planning to decorate the house this week for Halloween, look no further than your local Homestore + More. They have taken home decor to a new level, but more than this, it’s affordable – so you can deck your home to the chimney pot with ghoulish puppets and batty bunting.  We choose some of our favourites:

1. Graveyards

Every front garden needs a graveyard. Start with a plague of these spooky headstones – they’re only €4.99 and plays scary music.

Throw in one of these life-sized skeletons emerging from a grave for added effect. You could also include a Chained Hand for just €2.50 or a flapping bat for €9.99.

2. Ghosts and Ghouls

To really up the stakes of your home decoration, why not add some life-size ghouls and ghosts to the outside or inside of your house.

Homestore have this little hanging ghost brides for just €4.99, this light up zombie monk for €11.99 or this talking ghoul with three different phrases for €20.

3. Send in the Clowns

We can barely look. Clowns… No clowns. Bloody clowns.

If you find nothing more terriflying than clowns, these are the decorations for you. There’s the hanging Light Up Clown for just €3.99, this creepy Moving Clown for €7.99 or this terrifying Clown on a Bicycle for just €9.99.

4. Which Witch?

If witches are more your style, you can’t go wrong with their selection of light up and talking witches on their brooms.

5. Party Supplies

It’s not just decor, don’t forgot supplies for your halloween party or for trick or treaters.

Cups, buckets and scary straws for bargain prices.

Visit Homestore + More for all your Halloween decoration