Feeling chilly? Win a new stove with Topline’s “12 Stoves of Christmas”

It's back! One of the biggest and best giveaways for your home at this time of year. Topline is giving away 12 amazing new stoves as part of their 12 Stoves of Christmas competition. We take a look at what you could win and the best stoves on offer for your home...


The 12 Stoves of Christmas Press Release GraphicOn the 1st Day of Christmas, Topline gave to me…

A chance to win a Stanley stove!

And on the 2nd day, and the 3rd day and…

Win a Stove A Day for 12 Days – Prizes Worth €15,000

Once again Ireland’s largest DIY retailer Topline is holding their 12 Stoves of Christmas giveaway.

Each day from the 1st to the 12th December, you can enter for the chance to win that day’s prize – a voucher for the Stanley stove of your choice. The prizes increase every couple of days – starting at €750 and rising to the grand prize of €3,000 on Saturday 12th December.

This voucher can be used in any of Topline’s 160 affiliated stores around the country and you can enter once per day for each of the 12 days.

Go to www.topline.ie/12stovesofchristmas to enter and for Terms and Conditions…

Tell them what they could win…

Here are our selection of the best Stanley stoves on offer from Topline.

1Stanley Oisin 6.4kW Non-Boiler

The Oisin is the perfect stove for a modest sized living room. It’s easy to fit and compact design will fit in almost anywhere and is highly efficient. Ideal for burning wood, coal or peat. Also comes in Cream.

2Stanley Ardmore 12kW Boiler Stove

The small but attractive Ardmore boiler stove can heat up to 6 radiators plus send up to 2.5kW of heat into the room. That’s three times more efficient than an open fire. A good small solution that will boost the heat to your whole house.

3Stanley Tara 10kW Boiler Stove

For a more traditional style, the Tara offers good classic looks in a variety of colours and with a large viewing window. Can heat up to 6 radiators.

4Stanley Oisin 8kW Non-Boiler Stove

If you need your stove to match your modern neutral decor, look no further than the Stanley Tara in Cream. This non-boiler version of the Tara comes at 8kW and is a good medium sized stove for room heat.

5Stanley Cara+ 16.8kW Insert Boiler Stove

The Cara+ is the perfect replacement for an existing back boiler that will significantly improve your heating efficiency. This compact stove will fit in a 16-18 inch fireplace opening but is powerful enough to heat up to 10 radiators.

6Stanley Fionn 9.4kw Non-Boiler Stove

For something more old-fashioned, the Fionn is a traditional box stove with integrated hotplate on top and the iconic Reginald’s Tower of Waterford on the side in relief. This stove is meant to be on display, perfect for the kitchen or living room area.

7Stanley Ashling 15.8kW Boiler Stove

Looking for something more substantial? The 695mm-wide Ashling packs a punch. Putting out 6.1kW of heat into your room and a further 9.7kW into up to 7 radiators. Thermostatic controls efficiently manage the burn rate and Clean Burn Technology maximises heat and efficiency.

8Stanley Grainne 15.8kW Double Door Boiler

For a more modern design, the Grainne features more clean lines and unique double doors, with airwashing to keep the windows clear. This looks great and can heat too, putting 6.1kW into your room and will heat a further 7 radiators.

9Stanley Reginald 19.5kW Boiler Stove

The powerful Reginald has elegant lines, high gloss coating and chrome detailing. It’s a beast too, that can heat up to 12 radiators, covering all your hot water needs in a large house.

Topline LogoPrices do vary at each of Topline’s stores so find your local one here… And good luck entering the 12 Stoves of Christmas with Topline and Stanley.

Not sure why you should get a stove? Visit Topline’s blog and their great article on why you should Consider a Solid Fuel Stove…