1Servant’s Bells Board

Be the lord of the manor with this Downton-esque servant’s bells. Just don’t connect it up to the kid’s rooms – you will never hear the end of it.

AMV €100

2Retro Leather Chairs

This pair of leather chairs would suit a traditional drawing room or a fun retro decor scheme. Make sure you have the floral wallpaper and shag-pile carpet to match.

AMV €100

3Slot Machine

 If you are going for that ’70s bar effect then it wouldn’t be complete without this vintage slot machine in the corner by your downstairs loo.

AMV €200

4Solid Wood Rocking Chair

If you can get over the fear of this rocking chair moving by itself in the middle of the night (thanks, every horror film ever) then you would be mighty content rocking back and forth in this well built piece.

AMV €55

5Tiki Bar

Finally have some fun with your own Tiki-style home bar. Solid wood bar stools and bar counter, plus a ceiling hanging glasses rack. Crack open the coconuts and mix yourself a pina colada.

AMV €850


Visit AuctionXchange.ie to browse their catalogue and see what they have next week. There’s always a fun surprise at the auction!