Restoring a historic Irish home? A new TV show wants to hear from you!

Have you ever dreamt of living in your very own castle? Or do barn renovations get you hot under the collar? Animo TV are developing a prime time series for RTE which will follow property owners who are about to embark on renovation project to create their dream home.


Animo TV Show 2All over Ireland there are properties in need of serious repair. Historic buildings lie derelict and crumbling, soon to be lost into history. While we all love these historic homes, only a brave few have the devotion, deep pockets and possibly loss of all sense to take on these homes – and restore them or convert them into modern living.

New Prime Time TV Show

Now production company Animo TV, makers of Ireland’s Fittest Family and Design Doctors, are launching a prime time show with RTÉ that looks to champion the bravery of those willing to take them on.

old abandoned overgrown farmhouseFrom abandoned factories and old barns, to farmhouses or manor homes in states of disrepair, Animo are seeking seasoned restorers, as well as first-timers, who are interested in documenting their journey and sharing the highs and lows of the restoration process.

It could be a church conversion, an old school house, or a rural Garda station, renovation projects take love, commitment and an owner with a vision of a new future for these old buildings.

Telling the story of the building while looking to their future, presenter and Architect Hugh Wallace (from RTÉ’S Home of the Year) will be on hand to guide the audience and the homeowners through their project.Animo TV Show

A passionate advocate of ambitious restorations, Hugh wants to see our abandoned crumbling, classic architecture live on, and become relevant in the 21st century.

Are you restoring a historic home?

If you, or someone you know is about to embark on a restoration of any kind, Animo TV want to hear from you. Please email or call Debbie on 0873329604