7 Golden Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organised [Infographic]

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We are all too familiar with modern life’s greatest balancing acts; making the most of your living space without making it feel cluttered. Too much stuff in your house or apartment can make you feel cramped, while too little can make your home feel barren. What do you keep, and where do you keep things without knocking into them?

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a stylish and inspiring infographic on the 7 Golden Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organised. From novel shelving to double-duty furniture, we show you how to make the most of small spaces, including what to buy, what to throw out and how to use colour to enhance the atmosphere. If you follow your 7 Golden Rules, why not share with your friends and see if they need a little help too? After all, a welcome space is always worth sharing.

7 Golden Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organised

Rule 1.  Use your walls

  • Use tall bookcases to add storage and visual height to your room.
  • If possible, install custom built wall units that extend up to the ceiling.
  • Install shelving over doorways or over toilets.

When you are low on floor space, make the most of wall space.

Rule 2.  Invest in double-duty furniture

  • Multipurpose furniture can help you save on precious real estate.
  • Use a hollow ottoman that offers storage space.
  • Use a trunk as a coffee table.
  • Use a bookcase as a room divider.

Whatever piece of furniture you choose, make sure it’s size-appropriate for your flat. there’s no point having a sofa-with-storage that’s still too big

Rule 3.  Streamline technology

  • Large TVs and nests of cords don’t belong in small spaces. Get rid of gadgets if you can.
  • Replace your TV, stereo, radio, DVDs, CDs and alarm clock with your laptop. This won’t suit everyone’s lifestyle, but it will free up plenty of space.

Rule 4.  Go mono

When picking a colour palette, look for 3 colours:

  1. Light bright shade A: majority of the room.
  2. Light bright shade B: majority of the room.
  3. Darker colour: accent colour
  • The darker colour will add visual interest to the area.
  • Limit the accent colour to one area of the apartment to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Rule 5.  Make use of the dead space

Make the most of any dead spaces around your apartment. Look upwards, under and behind your furniture for inspiration.

  • Suitcase fits under your bed? Use it to store seasonal clothes. Use a vacuum bad, so when you need the suitcase – it’s quick and easy to empty.
  • Space above your fridge? Use it to store your lesser-used kitchen gadgets. Or a decorative basket will make your storage blend in with your decor.
  • Not a frequent oven user? Use it to store pots, pans and bakeware. But avoid storing anything that might melt, should you accidentally preheat the oven without emptying it.

Rule 6.  De-clutter ruthlessly

There’s no room for clutter in a small home.

  • Homeless clutter: Things you love, but you’re yet to find the right home for it. Find a home for it, even if it’s just a junk drawer.
  • Useless clutter: Things you ought to get rid of because it has no practical value. Ask yourself: Do I really need this? Or is it there because it’s always been here? If you don’t need it, bin/donate it.

Rule 7.  Clean in regularly

  • Staying ahead of the mess will be easier than tackling it all at once.
  • Clean as you go.
  • Remind yourself to be organised.
  • Think to yourself when you leave a room: is there anything that needs returning back to the kitchen/bedroom/living room?
  • Use the calendar app on your phone to schedule in weekly cleaning tasks.


You might be short on space, but you can still be big on organisation. Approach your tiny apartment as an exciting challenge and embrace your inner minimalist!

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